Theme development

Just curious-how do you themer’s test the tweaking you inevitably have to do? If we have to constantly turn off or unplug the hub and then wait for the media library to rebuild, etc. just to see any changes we make to our content, how do you test every step you do during development?

All you have to do is to reapply the theme.  Once you reapply the theme the changes will show up.

You don’t really have to do this everytime though, usually for seeing the changes to the views (eg:  Gallery, Preview, etc.) all you normally have to do is to back out of the view (Go back to the HOME screen) then go back to the view.

i have library turned off since it annoys me to death

If changes are made just reapply the theme if you make risky changes in XML files that might break the theme put them in a different folder, it actually takes not too much time, usually the time from my desk to my couch is enough :slight_smile: