Theaming yay

ok i wannaa use my own arrows in gallery view and I am still very much learning so have no idea how to do this with out replacing the dashboard arrows as far as i can see are the ones used for disable 

any help would be appreciated


Feel free to ask Devicious or Tinwarble, since they are the experts in this matter.

the inactive ones are in images the active ones in images/gallery

there are 28 arrow files in each theme, if you change them in one view you should adjust the others too or it’s Anarchy :slight_smile:

just replace the object in the png file with yours, should be the same size if not you need to adjust the size in the xml code.

thank you Dev.

I already looked there but i guess i must have missed em 

ztrust wrote:

thank you Dev.

I already looked there but i guess i must have missed em 


that depends on the source you are using, what isn’t in the folders will be replaced by the firmware with originals

again thank you 

been working of the mochi smp Tinwarble put up 

as far as i can see in the images folder all the video views use the same disable arrow 

“dashboard_left_arrow_disable.png” is this correct so it would not be possible to use different colors per view ?

Yes, the arrows are the same for all views (video anyway, I’d have to go back and look to remember if different arrow pngs are used for Music, Photos, etc.)

There is a way to use different color arrows though, a trick and 3 max.  But it might be a little advanced if you are just starting out themeing.  If you want to try though, the trick is to have 3 different arrows in the same png image, like this:


So that all three of the arrows are in the same image.  Then use scale_type=“pan” and align to only show the arrow that you want for each view, so it would be "align=“top” for the top arrow, “align=“hcenter”” for the center arrow and “align=“bottom”” for the bottom arrow.  You’ll also need to make sure that the “h” value is set to only display the height of a single arrow.

You could actually, get up to 6 different arrows to display by using: align=“top,left”",  align=“top,right”, etc. and use something like the image above, but also have a second column of arrows to the right.

Just remember, the larger you make the image the more you will effect speed, even though you can make it display only the image you want, it is still using the entire image.

very clever :wink: i will remember this nd thnks for explaning 

but i dont need em anymore did a whole gallery view and then desided i dident like it and started over and now i have done a new without arrorws but this will come in handy for the other views 

so super cool

i have run across a new problem.

In my galleryview i the thumbs in starting in left top corner and 4x4

but when i go to select multiple i cannot navigate up to clear and delete ?