The worst machine

The worst machine I’ve ever bought MY CLOUD HOME DUO from Kiel in germany
the worst seller in saturn of Kiel germany when i ask him ( I need one back up system of my files and i need one that can make mirror i don’t want so easy my files ) Give me this stubid device
can you give EUR 240 for a bull that you can not transfer from usb the archives you want?
Why i need internet only , you do not give me the choice το trasfer my file for a simple USB PORT
do you think the world of the internet is everywhere?
I work on a ship and I want to make copies of security
now I would kindly ask you to tell me how to return this loft you have built and to give my money back?
or do you do it some way to work locally without the internet?
The issue is not to make a ■■■■ and put it out on the market but also to fully support the device in the demands of your customers
I’m really sorry … you’re big scammers

The box does say that an internet connection is required. If you are looking for a refund you would most likely need to work with the place of purchase.

You can import from USB devices using the mobile app.

That said you should be able to use the default public SMB share to load data without an internet connection. The knowledge base article below may help if you choose to keep it.