The WD1002FAEX - Could I get screwed by getting an early release of this drive off of newegg?

I read an article dated on Feb 14th stating that the Caviar Black SATA 6Gb/sec 1TB drive has implemented Dual Actuator technology that was previously found only in the 2TB model.

I need to know if there is a way to identify the earliest release(s) of the WD1002FAEX, which may not have some of the more advanced tech that the newer releases of this model of drive appear to have. Some places, when posting detailed specs of the 1TB model say Dual Actuator is only in the 2TB model, but the article linked above says that there are several technologies previously available only in the RE4 and 2TB models that are now in the 1TB model.

This is important to me because in the next day or 2 I am going to order a WD1002FAEX off of newegg, and I would like to NOT be stuck with an earlier release of the 1TB model that has none of the features implemented in the newer 1TB WD1002FAEX.

Where can I order a 1TB Caviar Black that has - Dual Actuator Technology, NoTouch Ramp load technology, StableTrac, NCQ, PMR, and Dual Processors?

It would ■■■■ if I got stuck with an early release of the WD1002FAEX that did not have any of the above listed features.