The "WATCHED" Icon


for example by the alaska theme and other newer themes there is not the icon of the default mochi theme where you can see if youn already have seen a movie…

is this impossible?

:confounded: check with Timwarble or whoever designed the theme

try to remember it :smileyvery-happy:

it is easy to include it but it is such a design bummer and since people have to replace / regenerate their library way too often it is verging between pointless and completely pointless.

However it really helps with TV Episodes, that’s why i put the name of the episode on the cover art, it helps me remembering it

okay :slight_smile:

is it in the gallery view possible, that he shows the selected thumbnail bigger?

In the gallery view you just have to add this line:

But as far as I know, it is only a partial watch, if you watch the entire video then it’s just the default icon and only changes if you partially watch a video.