The warning ”Problem connecting to server”- How can it be permanently switched off / don’t show again

Now at Christmas I am, as usual, travelling. Computer is stacked with good movies. However, every 30th second a warning is shown: ”There was a problem connecting to the server WDMyCloudMirror.” Well I KNOW! and OF COURSE THERE IS! – I am some 500 miles away from my house and that server. But how on earth can I stop these warnings to appear on my screen again and again and again, … and again. A box to tick like ”don’t show this message again” or something would be appreciated, but there is nothing like that.

Can somebody please help?

For the moment using a MacBook Pro 15” (2016) with OSX 10.13.2 (High Sierra) but I had the same problem with my previous MBP 2011 (same OSX). It drives me completely crazy, as soon as I’m away from home.

Your mac is continually trying to connect to your server because it is not on your network, and you don’t have the Mac setup for remote access… (Why not?) Anyway stop the app that connects Mac to your server and it ought to go away. I don’t know how to do it because I have a PC and not a Mac. Also, never had this issue.

Thanks mate,
Problem is I don’t know how to stop this app. I have restarted the MAC and the problem seems to diminish, slightly. Now the warning appears just every four minutes or so. A step in the right direction.

Not too sure what you mean by ”Remote Access”. I have a short cut on my Desk Top to the WDMCM, which, apperantly, can be used to connect to the advise via the Web wherever I am. It is useless though; very often there is a message: ”Cannot play”, and when it eventually can play I cannot ad subtitles, plus VLC is not a designated program for playback.

Again, thanks for input!

Remote Access is a feature of My Cloud where you can access the media files on MCM when away from home on a mobile phone or tablet. It requires using the My Cloud app on the devices. The complete user manual explains it all.

Have a nice holiday.