The USB Stopped Working

So i was using my hard drive earlier today and my friend sorta stepped on the USb cable and the USB input on the External Hard Drive came off the board.

I can hear it moving inside the My Book Case and is somewhere inside.

Does this mean any of my data is lost or do i just need to replace the chip/board where the USB is suppose to be on?

Please let me know asap and thanks

-so to clarify, i did not drop the External Drive or anything, just the USB input piece came off the board, please let me know what i can do. thanks

WD doesn’t sell replacement boards.  You might get an electronics repair person to solder port back on. You can look on Ebay for a replacement board. These explains a little about it and


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Thanks joe and I was wondering… What if I bought another external hard drive and replaced that small board on top of the drive and switched them? Would my external then work?

It might is is the only answer. It would have to be an identical drive. When you open the case you void the warranty. I think first I would try the repair route. A place that fixes TV and stereo equipment should be able to do it.


alright joe, i will bring it to some palce where they fix tvs and stuff and see if they can reattach the usb dongle back onto the board. If that does not work then i will buy the exact same drive and replace that top piece (the small board/chip)

and do you know what chip it has in case i want to buy it on ebay? 

i have a My Book 2tb.

thanks joe

One of the links I postedexplains a bit about it. You can also try sending fzabkar a PM maybe he can help you figure it out. He’s the most knowledgable about these circuit boards.


yeah i sent him a msg but no response yet.

and if anyone knows what chip is used on this hard drive let me know so i can get an external.

oh and does anyone know if these chips are unique to each hard drive?