The usb ports on laptop are not recognized when MyBook World Edition is used as a network drive

i connected the mybook world edition drive to our router and installed the software WD discovery and WD backup anywhere and was able to get the files on my laptop to get backed up to the network drive over wifi.  It even updated them the next day as changes were made.  However, the usb ports on my laptop no longer work as long as the network drive is on.  I tried shutting down my computer, powering off the network drive, and rebooting my laptop and was able to get my flash drive and ipod to be recogn ized when connected to the two usb ports.  it wouldn’t do this while the network drive was on.  did i do something wrong?  do i need to configure something or install a driver? as far as i know, i just mapped the network drive (it gave me y and z) and installed the two software programs from the cd.  is there something else i need to do? i would like to be able to use this 1tb drive to back up all of the computers in our house, but  i want to get it working first with my laptop.  this isn’t workable unless i keep the network drive off all day and power it on at the end of the day when i don’t need my usb ports anymore. 

You need uninstall NAS driver for WD MBWE from your computer and everything will be OK.

I had same problem and when I uninstall the microsoft driver it works fine.

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help.  i thought i uninstalled the wd driver under device manager on vista; rebooted my system, turned on the wd drive and the driver is still there.  what am i doing wrong?  i’m not used to uninstalling drivers, but i followed the instructions for uninstalling a device driver and the wd one was listed under disk drives so i told it to uninstall and it told me to reboot.  but when i start to use the device again, it is somehow back in the system and i can’t use my usb ports still. help.