The Troublemaker

This is by far the worst device I ever bought.

I have only troubles and problems with network share.

One day works normally, next two days don’t see shared folders…and so on…

I tried every firmware, reset, restore, settings I can find, but I can’t get this device to work properly.

You can call this device The Troublemaker.

No more WD for me. Sadly.

Just a thought but instead of coming on and posting a list of problems and nicknames for the player, you could actually ask for some help.

I hear you…this device has been plagued with network issues, this forum is littered with people complaining about it.

My advice, get current in terms of  firmware, and try the various fixes listed in these forums. 

What worked for me was disabling the 2 HomeGroup services on every Windows 7 PC.  I don’t use homegroup anyway, as I have XP, w7, and ubuntu devices.  If I hard power off, the WD still loses the shares, but at least it finds them very quickly now. On a soft power off, it retains.  Also make sure the sharing PC is on before you fire up he WD.  I have had zero luck powering on a share device and having an already on WD find it.

When this works it is great, I watched a Bluray movie wirelessly last night without any issues, though that is pushing it for this device.

I had the same network issues as you. Network shares found, thend lost. I had to restart my router everytime i wanted to use the WD Live TV to find the shares again.

I tried newarly everything, then after ages I found the solution: In your router settings, set the devices IP as a FIXED IP.

Works just fine now. No problems with shares or anything. 

When you haven´t already tried this, it might help you as well.