The spinning orange circle of death

I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player 1.14.09

I have it connected to my network. I have a Gb network with a W7 64 bit PC running as a server.

When I try to access some content, it seems mostly high-def stuff, the orange circle of death spins for an eternity.

Whats the deal?

This is my second attempt at a WD player.

The first attempt was a 2nd generation player and it wouldnt connect to my network at all. I spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours trying to get it to work, finally I threw it out the window.

This latest generation is more reliable at connecting to my netowrk but has troubles with playing high-def stuff. I suppose maybe their next generation will incluse chipsets that can handle todays media.

Do others have the same problems? I refuse to spend hours and hours troubleshooting again. I’ll pick up a Dune and be done with it.

Is this a known issue?

Nevermind, I was wrong, this doesnt work with my network either.

Total waste of money for anything other than playing through the USB.

Thats twice WD has gotten me.

Why cant they make a product that will work with a simple network?

What router are you using?

Are you connected via wifi or ethernet?

If connected via wifi, is the router set to mixed-mode or -N only?

If set to mixed-mode, do you have any -g devices on the network, such as a PS3?

I have a FiOS GigE Wireless “N” Router.

I’m connected via cat6 cable ethernet through a Gb switch

It works for some content, most it doesnt work for.

I have a collection of music videos in a folder that it plays just fine, most of the rest of my folders it doesnt play.

I checked permissions and everything is as it should be.

This is how I ended up spending hours and hours and hours trying to get the last version of the WD TV to play on my network. Incrementally trying this, then that, then this, then that and before you know it I’ve spent 40 hours tweaking everything under the sun, to no avail.

I just plugged my Boxee Box back in and it’s working fine, no glitches.

I wish WD would make a media player that wasnt so **bleep** tempremental.

Thanks for the reply.