THE SOLUTION to transferring large amounts of data to MyCloud fast: a crossover cable!

Recently, I had to format my MyCloud and start from scratch. I was grieving the fact that I would typically have to wait hours and hours to transfer my initial 200+ GB of data (even via USB 3.0 directly from an external hard drive) to my MyCloud!

Then, a candle began to flicker in my empty head. I took an old crossover cable and directly connected my MacBook Pro directly to the MyCloud. It was like magic. I was able to transfer the initial 200+ GB of data in a fraction (less than a couple of hours) of the time that it would have taken before! 

Crossover cables work in a pinch to transfer an initial large amount of data directly from another device in order to get your MyCloud up and running. 

All because many routers have no built-in hub - all data between its ports pass through the processor that considerably influences speed.

I hope you mean 2000GB i.e. 2TB because it shouldn’t take hours to transfer that.