The server was not found message after successfull recovery

Hello there,
I got second handed WD Sentinel DX4000. After powered it on, the error x0D9 appeared on display. I performed the restoration process as follows:

  • downloaded iso file
  • recreated storage recovery, procedure ok
  • performed a (second) recovery, procedure ok until “recovery started” message on blue display.
  • after “next” click, dissapointing message appears on PC screen: “Your server could not be found. Verify that the server started in recovery mode and that the server and the client computer are connected to the same router”.
  • I checked the network cable and replaced it just in case it may be damaged - no difference
  • I replaced connector to other ports of the router and performed various combinations - no difference
  • I spoke to the internet operator, who claimed, that WD Sentinel is seen on his screen and is connected to the router, but no IP address visible
  • I enabled all SMB features in Win10 and restarted PC - no difference

After all performance mentioned above, still no IP address on blue display and message "Your server could not be found…

Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance!

I am curious why you have to ask your internet provider about stuff?
If you do not have control over your router you need to ask him if DHCP is enabled.

Do you know if your PC has DHCP enabled or does it have a static IP?

hey Gramps,

just to make sure and check, that every single thing in this chain is set as it should be. yeah, perhaps u r right, but it makes no harm to communicate with operator from time to time :slight_smile:

this morning I performed again everything from the beginning and guess what, maybe it is obviuous, but I haven’t noticed anywhere, that network cable should be plugged all the time.

heureka! server found and I am formating storages already. I hope I am on a good road to come to finnish :slight_smile:

oh, and yes, DHCP is enabled.

great news
well yes, the cable needs to be in during boot to get an ip

So just for the other’s couriosity maybe:

  • it took more then 12 hours to format 3 1TB WD HDD
  • it took about one hour to set server to factory default settings
  • it took about half hour to load OS, set WD components, installing drivers and rebooting
  • … and voila! IP showed up :slight_smile:

So, to sum alltogether:
May you experience error 0xD9 follow these steps and procedure:

  • download iso file; in my case it was EMEA_svrRecovery_1_7_6_21__ and mount it
  • run setup.exe and click “recreate my storage”, follow the instructions. I used 32GB flash drive to put files on
  • when flash ready, shut down the server and plug it into server’s USB hub, connect network cable, press reset button and hold it, then turn server on, don’t release reset button until display message on blue screen on server says “initializing ok, loading recovery”
  • after “recreate storage success” on display, shut down the server, unplug flash drive and plug it back into PC’s hub. Leave network cable in!
  • run setup.exe again and click “perform a recovery”, then follow the instructions.
  • when flash drive is ready, plug it back to dark&cold server, check network cable is in, press 'n hold reset button and power up the server. After blue screen on server displays “initializing ok, loading recovery”, you may release reset button.
  • follow the instructions and make sure that DHCP and SMB features are enabled (my OS is Win10)
  • after finding server (mine hasn’t at the beginning due to network cable was not plugged in from the very first beginning, so I had to perform recovery from the first step), the formating, reseting, rebooting, setting to factory settings, installing drivers and OS, etc (which is totally automated process) … lasted about 14 hrs. So patience is a key to success :slight_smile:

So, this was my experience recovering WD Sentinel DX4000, installed 3 1TB WD HDD and I followed YT film on that link
I didn’t have faulty drives and I didn’t have to make copies of files, as seen on YT.

It is your decision to follow - or not my instructions and I cannot be responsible for any damage on your server or PC if it occurs during recovery process.