The requested service was not found. (200404)


I am reposting this request from July 15 under a different title. When attempting to access My Cloud, either through File Explorer or WD Access I get the error:

“The requested service was not found. (200404) * put_language_configuration_http_404”

I can see WDMyCloud in my network, but when I click on it appears to be asking me to accept license agreement as a new user. When I click accept I get the above error message. Same error appears when I try WD Access. I can reach the files via the MyCloud web interface but I need a direct connection over the network to reliably access the files for use with File History.

Can someone please explain how to solve this error. Thank you,

@Lorob1 Is this like what you see under Network?


If you click on a My Cloud device then you should see this. Example image. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


cat0w, thanks for response.

I can see top level icon for WDMYCLOUD under Network, but when I click on the icon for WDMyCloud it takes me to a browser page via the device’s IP number, and then returns the error quoted in the title to this thread. See attached image.

Troubleshooting July 17 2019.pdf (133.1 KB)