The play clock does not move -- Unit locked up

This may have been answer before, but I could not find it.

WD TV Live Plus.  I think the firmware is up to date.  Connected to USB thumb drive. 

Some times (not all ways) when I play (start) a movie the remote “hangs up” and will not work.  The play -pause display at the bottom of the screen is frozen.  The play clock does not move .  NONE of the bottens on the remote works.   The battery is good.  The only way I can get it to work is to unpluge and replug  the TV Live Plus.

no idea except … trying your 80GB HDD instead ?

looking at your other Live SMP threads … you seem to having troubles with your 2TB

if a movie locks up and freezes … that can be a cause for the remote to stop responding (because the WDTV has locked up)

Have you done a CHKDSK on this 2TB ? 

The movie continure to play.  There is simply no way to pause or or fast forward or stop the movie.

well, if it sometimes happens and sometimes not … then it’s gonna be difficult to problem solve.

does it happen on certain video files ?

has everything worked fine playing a file … and then the next day (playing the same file)  it doesent work ?

or is it completely random ?

have you checked the remote led sender when it stops working ?  (the light signal is invisable to the human eye) so …

grab a digital camera (or smartphone) … look through the view finder … point the remote at the camera … press a button on the remote and you should see a white light flash from the led sender.

This is my WDTV 2014 Media Player remote … it has 2 Led Transmitters  (the old Live small remote only has one)

Hi, all three of my legacy Lives (2 Live and 1 Live Plus) do this occasionally, mainly on internet connected playback like Youtube or Flingo.  I don’t recall it happening from USB connected drives, but Power cycle restart is the only remedy I’ve been able find.   Since there will no longer be firmware updates, quashing any hope of a fix, I’ve accepted having to just put up with the occasional need for a power cycle reset.  Since I really like these old players, and being an old-school hardware hacker, I’ve built a couple small boxes that let me cycle the power via the Live remote, saving me the hassle of having to dig the player out of its nest in my TV setup to pull and replug the DC cord. I’ve made good use of these already, having to reset the players over a dozen times in the last year.

I suggest using a commercially available slave socket power bar and plug your TV into the master socket with the Live player adapter in one of the slave sockets.  When the Live freezes, turn off the TV for a few seconds.  Just beware that some of these controlled outlet bars have a very low power detect threshold, with some TVs OFF idle power enough to trip the slave outlets ON (I have Toshiba TV like this).  Find one with an adjustable master detect threshold; I think APC make these.   Another option is a remote controlled outlet switch, but they’re more expensive than master-slave power bars, and it also means you have another remote lying around (to lose) in your TV room.