The operation can't be completed because item is in use

My Book World Edition White light

Mac Lion

Upgraded firmware and now I’m able to access drive.

Now when I try to delete files, some of them do not delete. “The operation can’t be completed because item is in use”

I restarted and do not have any Apps. running. I can delete some files but others do not delete.

Any ideas?

Yes, after applying the latest firmware, I noticed the same but only when doing it from my Lion. However, I cheated and used my laptop running Windows 7 and got rid of them. :wink:

Oh well … once a geek, always a geek. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried using my other Mac running OS X 10.5.8 and same thing happens. Cannot delete files.

Whats up with that?

Once upon a time … not too long ago … when I noticed 1.02.10 had screwed up my 2 x MBWEII which cost me about over $800.00 LOL … I mentioned in one of my early posts that the software written for these devices are being developed by some very inexpereinced developers!

I stand corrected.

Sorry dansalz, in my case, I managed to delete them using my laptop running Windows 7.