The new WD1002FAEX - 6Gb/s SATA III drive in a RAID?

i know they aren’t RE drives, but does anyone have any thoughts on running these new drives in a 2-drive RAID 0 or 1?  the controller is a Marvell 88SE9128.

anyone had an opportunity to RAID the new Sata 3 WD1002FAEX drives yet?

You are off cause aware of the problems with error handling using a non Raid drive in RAID :)))

I would for sure like to know that too.

But it looks a little like a marketig gimmick :

The mentioned controller, 88SE9128 (PCIe x1 to 2 SATA 6 Gb/s ports RAID controller) is only one PCIe lane so i dont see the idea of such a implememtation, why:

As far as i know  the only drive that could use the full potential of a SATA6 port will a SSD type, not a traditionel HD as the  WD1002FAEX (cant see if its a combiHD, mecanical and SSD but seems only to be a mechanical drive)

(Would be nice if i am wrong here + you would have a nice burst r/w even on a mechanical drive)

Doubt that there will be enough bandwith on only one PCI lane if you have TWO such super SSD/harddrives  accached in RAID that both are able to max out the SATA 600.

Would also be nice to know if the implementers of the chip (ASUS,GIGABYTE,Highpoint,MSI ,etc.) allows it to recognize a non RAID drive/SSD. (not clear to me if it is WD (marketing:wink:) thats limiting some features on the non RAID drives to make them unusable in RAID, in the past you could use the non RAID drives if they didnt fail too much, but at the risk of hanging up your RAID bigtime when they did)

I am here thinking about all the trouble people have with some of the WD GP drives on RAID controllers.

But that is my 2 cents.

DO post if you see anybody that have tested the combination

ok, thats it.  i am going to order two of these drives and do some benchmarks… somebody’s got to do it… :robothappy:

will report back my findings in the next few weeks.

Nice initiative, Looking forward to see your results. Considering to buy a rocket raid 2700 but no sata600 drives in compatiability list :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve just bought a pair of WD1002FAEX to merge them in raid0.

I see that they have different firmware and i see che one of them hasn’t the same performance…

(one is seen as 6.0g and the other 3.0g from the marvell build in controller)

have you some news about?

best regards,


Just came home from vacation and saw this your post.

Congrats with you new WD1002FAEX Munega.

Sry to see that you have been unlucky to get drives with different firmware, and bet you can not find any firmware update at ? (could be so that different hardware (electronichs) exists for this drive so you must have the right firmware for your version of hardware)

But any way one drive should not run only in SATA 2  (3.0g)

(always amazed me that you must find new firmware to WDC drives elsewhe than ex. found link to new WD2002FYPS firmware at 3ware :  )

BTW can only advise to stay away from WD2002FYPS if you are using a SAS/SATA backplane it cant run it in any of mine where WD1002FBYS or  WD5002ABYS just run happyli 24/7 with no problem.

So did a quick google and found this :

Is that your Motherboard or are the Marwells the same model ??

And this was also interesting (well we will see if i get banned for posting this)


 “WD crippled firmware to make these non-RAID capable” 2010-06-09
By chrisr (Central Texas)
I bought four of these drives for a gaming system which I am running in a RAID 10 setup (2TB) in Windows 7 64-bit (ASUS mb, Intel RAID controller). Had problems right away in RAID 5. Attributed that to the version of the Intel Storage Manager (v8.9) and RAID chipset drivers I was running. Updated to Intel RST v 9.6 and converted the RAID 5 to a four drive RAID 10.

Seemed to work fine, great performance, but – within a few days I saw a drive drop out of the RAID 10 array and go into “rebuild” status, only to successfully complete the rebuild then drop out again a short time later. Very annoying and kills RAID performance when the array goes into a “degraded” state because of a rebuild.

Google “Western Digital Caviar” “TLER” for details. Western Digital recently disabled the ability to adjust a firmware parameter (TLER) on these drives, the result of which causes the drives to exhibit timing issues with RAID controllers and as such, causes the drives to inadvertently drop out of the RAID array and go into “rebuild” status. The decision to disable (i.e., “cripple”) the firmware was apparently an executive decision motivated by the desire to protect the more expensive Western Digital RE4 “RAID ready” product line.

As such, do NOT buy these drives unless you are going to use them as stand alone drives for simple desktop applications (NOT gaming or anything involving high end SATA II controllers or RAID capability).

UPDATE – no drives have dropped out in over a week and I am starting to gain confidence they may perform reasonably well in a RAID 10 configuration (depending on your controller chipset and driver version). Proceed with caution, YMMV"


So if this is true (TLER disabled) you better not use them in RAIDs with critical data on and remember the drive is not manufactored for 24/7 use .