The new firmware give the error "Fan not working" and

hi everybody, yesterday morning I found out that the Mycloud PR4100 have the error “Fan not working” so I decided to try to change the fan with a new one. After reassembling and turning on, still the PR4100 have the same problem. So I decided to try to downgrade to another version, I download the 2.31.174 and installed. The fan start to work again! So? the new version have a bug? or just my Pr4100 need it a refresh so now I can install again the newest version?

Hello registrorivs,

I would suggest you to contact WD support so that they can find the root cause of this issue.

Refer the link provided below for contact details.

it’s the first thing that i Did and they answer to me “please update to the latest version”, and I said that this latest version give me the error.

Hello WDC Team,

The Same issue prevails with me, after a single restart soon after the firmware update from
5.09.114 to 5.09.115, The device started showing “Fan not working” I have a MyCloud PR4100 Device as well. How to resolve the issue. Please guide immediately, as there is too much of data.

Thanks and Regards

Sunil Nair