The New Firmware for use with OSX Lion

The new firmware does not work for me. I downloaded the file and continued exactly as demanded, but partway during the process of updating the discs, one of them crashed and the process was not completed. After a lot of re-initialising and setting up, my discs seem to be OK, but Time capsule refuses to complete a backup because it says the discs do not support the required AFP properties. I have wasted four hours on this again, and I need a more robust firmware solution that will bring my system into use for Time Machine. I spent £175 on this system and have so far had not a second of useful work out of it since July. Come on WD!


Same problem for me. I have applied the new firmware successfully and I can now access my shares using the different users I have defined on it but I still can’t get Timemachine working. The same error message keeps appearing.


Now it is working apparently. It seems that the reboot was not sufficient … I did a complete shutdown of my disk, it took a while to restart but now it seems to work.


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iv’e also just downloaded the new update but can’t get time machine to back up.

The instalation went perfect but when i try to run time machine i get the error message   

Time machine can’t access the Backup disk “wd_backup” 

the operation couldn’t be completed (OSS STATUS ERROR 2)

     Regards Adrian