The network vanishes

After updating the device began to vanish from a network. Rigid reboot on a food helps only.
Options of a network and working group are specified correctly.
What to do?
Device My Book World Edition (white light) WDH1NC10000E

Tell us more about your network setup, also, what OS are you using?

OS Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x86.

Local network
Topology a star, working group.
As the switchboard it is used juniper srx100.
Windows 7 x64 address:
Windows 7 x86 address:
WD address:

Reboot on electricity WD, results device WD in a normal operating mode after some time it ceases to be accessible on both computers

Same problem… This device simply do not work. Waste of money.

Rolled vresiyu firmware set 6, like all works. Updating will no longer be

As was done rolled. Through SSH connect to the device using winscp. Enter the root login and password welc0me Change the file etc / version to 01.02.12 of 01.02.04. Download the old firmware wdhxnc-01.02.06.img In manual mode, do a firmware update. Thank IXBT