The Mini is what it is

In my opinion the Mini is an inexpensive way to view digital media on a standard TV. I gave the one I bought to my son and he loves it. It plays ISOs flawlessly and the DVD’s have menus! It plays avi, divx, xvid, rm, etc and is in my opinion and awesome little device for the money. Realistically what can you expect for $50? Not everyone has a 1080p TV and I think the Mini fills a need.

Amen brother…

i used to always buy dvd players with media card readers…with the mini, i dont have to lug around a big box—and i hate transcoding to dvd–it just takes tooooo long…mini solves both of these for me…

even if i get a file that isn’t transcoded correctly…its wayyyy easier/faster to transcode from one xvid resolution to another…

and this solves my backups also as i normally have a native dvd rip and xvid transcode of each video–with the mini all i need is the smaller xvid files…

luv it to death


Hmmm…very curious about something - if I read your post and understand you correctly you say you can view your DVDs with menu support ???  Because my WD Live HD does not support DVD Menu specs, in fact no WD device does and never will because of licensing fees requirements.

I’m no expert but, if by menu support you mean when you play a DVD iso you get a menu where you can select play, select scenes, setup, etc. Just like when you put a DVD in a player.  Yes, the Mini I have does.

Adding:  My WDTV Live doesn’t have them either, but my PBO does. I think have become addicted to these boxes, 3 in a month! :smiley:

It got it as a little media center I could take with me on weekends away etc. Show friends pictures etc.
Sort of a mobile media center. I still have a “normal” tv so I did not want to go get the latest and greatest mediacenter that would do everything. Even with composite input I think the picture is great. Sound on the stereo out is also great.
Plays everything I have thrown at it thus far. I’m a happy customer.

Hi, My WD TV Mini ignores the .divx files… are you sure you can play  .divx file?

Hi Daves,

Yes it does. But the funny thing is you can’t see them in your browser? What I do is just rename them to .avi before I put it on my hard disk/usb stick

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Wowwww… thats sound great…I’ll try it and let you know if it works for me… It is important sinc .divx files are much snaller than regular .avi files