The Maiden Voyage

My other half has been sceptical of this little piece of tech since I got it, with her undoubtedly questioning, “what’s wrong with just using the DVD player” - I don’t need to have a retort to that question anymore, not since last night, and the WD TV’s feature length premiere.

It was flawless! Booted the little unit up and dived straight into my network shares, MrsTeddy was most likely convinced that she would be faced with a myriad of filenames and lists dotted everywhere, but no, there was film posters all nicely laid out for her to flick through at her leisure. After browsing through our library of films we settled on our movie of choice. The quality was superb, as expected, every inch as good as DVD, and after the film wrapped up the biggest critic of new tech was left saying that the whole thing was excellent. - Job done! :wink:

Thanks WD!

MrTeddy :smileyvery-happy:

Nice, good to know that your other half is happy with your new toy.  :smileyvery-happy: