The libray of alexandria

A lot of people with huge libraries are complaining about the media library compile times! Let’s face it, as a video collection grows, at sometime it becomes The Library of Alexandria and the wdtv library software just won’t cut it! As Library complie times grow user angst increases, turning into addtional button pushes, and thereby arriving at a system lockup! The core value of the WDTV is “playing digital media” not building the digital media library. The media scraper is great! I use it, but, somewhere after 600 files its like using notepad to for desktop publishing. this is not an idea. I just want to have a discussion on the media library. Ideas come later I

The scraper only runs out to the internet on unscraped files.   So if the files have already been “Scraped,” it will never scrape them again.   “Getting Content Info” on files that already have XML doesn’t go to the net; it’s just reading the XML files.

I would expect that the SMP is going to take “HOURS” to “scrape” my NAS.  

And I have no issues with that…  It only does it once when you turn it on…  

I don’t understand why “User Angst” is a factor.   What’s the panic?   You can still use the box while it’s doing its business…

…i’ve also never locked up my box.   And the day I took it out of its box, I had it scraping 5 USB disks at the same time!  :smileyvery-happy:

The angst is from other users telling me thier experience and what they did while the wdtv was building the library. I had the a similar problem in getting the media library to “change” the media thumbnail. Please don’t jump on this as problem in need of a solution. It isn’t. The SMP would take hours to scrape your NAS and you are ok with that if it needed to be done.