The library is a disaster in SMP

The compilation of the library is a mess. They have no shame. Look good programmers !!!



The library works fine for me on the latest firmware

I have the latest firmware, and i use a linksys e3000router, mybooklive 2tb, and SMP.
Randomly hung up, and light blinking for ever…an nothing happens.
Honestly…a disaster. I hate this box.
Sorry for my bad english.

Insults are not a good way to get help in this forum!!!

Ok, i’m sorry, but, i hate this box. Is a disaster.

Well, perhaps that is a bit over the top! I too agree that there have been some very poor programming decisions made. As a programmer myself, I find the design sometimes puzzling.

I find the media libray works fairly well for movies. It does not work at all for TV Shows (for me). I gave up on photos and music as it is simply unworkable (too slow for a start). But if all you want to do is watch movies, it is fairly good. The scraper is quite good.

I also REALLY dislike the idea of writing system data back into every folder that the box finds a movie in. I am guessing that the actual programmers would have baulked at that no end. I am assuming a manager overrode their good sense.

The Shares system is also awful - again, I doubt the programmers would have been that bad - again I think it is a bad decision by a no-nothing manager. Perhaps cost cutting or something.

I think it is a good enough item to last 12 months. By then the android boxes will be out, and hopefully they will have dual core CPUs - THEN we will see some really good media players.

Apipote wrote:

I have the latest firmware, and i use a linksys e3000router, mybooklive 2tb, and SMP.
Randomly hung up, and light blinking for ever…an nothing happens.
Honestly…a disaster. I hate this box.
Sorry for my bad english.

My suggestion is ONLY put movies into the Media Lirary. Do not add shares that link to TV shows, music or photos. Like you, I have found that to be unworkable. Like you (I guess) I have let the system run for days as it is supposedly updating the library. In the meantime, the system is that slow you cannot use it.  If you are at this stage, then yes, I agree with you - it is totally unusable. At one point I was going to return it - it was, as you say, a disaster.

The fix (in my case) was to turn off the Media library. Then it worked just fine. So I added back the Movies. Again it worked fine. But then I added back the TV Shows…disaster. Removed them - ok again! 

I also found that even when I had the TV shows in the media library not one was scraped. I suspect I used a naming convention that the WDTV does not like. Perhaps that was what was slowing it down - it was simply rescraping the same shows endlessly? There was no way I was going to rename all my TV Shows - life is simply too short. And I do not think it is necessary anyway - unlike movies.

I now have the system working fairly well.

The media library is terrible, i only use it for movies and i have to clear it at least twice a day coz it either doesnt refresh properly, or folders just disappear, i only use the library to get the content info though, i wish WD would just let us get content info without having to use it…

The library-joke is better off !!

I really hate to feed the trolls but I’ll bite anyway…

Your comments are not constructive in the slightest. If you are having issues and wish help from the community, then this is a great place to find such help. If you realize that your issues are a failure of the design of the product (in your opinion), there are no less than TWO forums designed for the official WD people to see your opinion: the issues forum and the ideas forum.

A bit of advice - simply stating something is horrible, **bleep**, ad nauseum will only serve to get you ignored. If you truly want help, post your exact issues in a polite way and there are more than enough people here to assist. If you truly want your voice to be heard to hopefully change the product for the better, again - polite and reasoned posts in the appropriate forum is the way to do that.

Here is an analogy:

You: “This feature **bleep**!”

WD: “ok, what **bleep** about it?”

You: “It is horrible and **bleep** so bad!”

WD ignores you because you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion. They have nothing to act on.

Actually, here’s a better analogy:

You: “This feature **bleep**!”

WD is silent because not only do you have anything constructive to act on, you’re posting it in the wrong place.

Excuse me. The point is the bad library.
Fix it please !!
Pd: you are wrong I am not troll, I’m frustrated.

To add a little WD perspective on this, the media library works pretty much the way we intended (except when it gets broke in an update).  However, it may not work the way you think it should.  If that’s the case, then we don’t perceive it as messed up per se.  We look at that as a feature request. 

Now, it might do you some good to search out what the other users are saying and find out how they’ve learned to use the devices.  I, for one, own a couple of them, and I use mine all the time.  I use it to watch my ripped movies, as well as to watch Hulu+.  I have no issues whatsoever with my device.  I did have a problem with watching Hulu until I changed out my router.  Now I don’t have problems at all. 

Of course, I don’t do any theming.  I’d love to, but I don’t have time to play with it.  And I never use the media server.  So, if I do anything over the network, I use sharing.  I agree that it’s not a perfect device.  But it does what I want, so I’m very happy.  However, I have the benefit of reading thousands of posts on this subject.  So, I’ve been able to circumvent many of the issues that new users run into just because of this community.  It may be worth your while to spend a little time here.  The members that are here regularly really know the device, and can help you get the most out of it.

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The media library does not work for me. In fact, when it tries to compile, my box becomes unresponsive. Every time.

So i simply cannot use my new box with an attached storage (which is the only reason i bought it).


The library continued broken after upgrading to the last firmware !!

Tnx WD for your bad work !!

The Troll.

Trying to remove files from favourites is a nightmare if the files have moved location or been deleted.

Selecting multiple files to be removed only ever results in 1 file being removed