"The last content source has been removed"

Hi guys,

I am aware that this has been posted elseware but I cannot see any resolution - anywhere.  I’m trying to post in as much detail as possible so we can get this resolved.

I now have purchased five of the WD TV Live media players, and am having a very annoying issue.  The devices run off a Plex media server (DLNA), on an enterprise-grade Cat6/Gigabit network.  The Plex server itself runs off Windows Server, which is on a VMWare VM with a dedicated gigabit NIC.

The network services (DNS, DHCP, DS) are all run off Windows server machine.  Core networking is a Ubiquiti EdgeMAX Router, and Netgear Gigabit switches.  The physical distance between the devices is not enough for any packet loss.

I have placed a box in every bedroom (Cat6) and all family members are reporting that after around 15mins of watching any media files, they receive an “The last content source has been removed” error, where they are prompted to select a new source.  The media server is immediately available and they must go back through the list of shows to get to where they were.

I have confirmed that this is not a problem with any other devices (PC’s, PS3, XBOX, T-Box, other DLNA clients), and that it is also not influenced by network load.  Different media servers and different physical servers make no difference.

All devices are up to date. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  This is starting to become quite a nuisance.



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