The Joys of SSD Upgrading and Time Machine

I am also a musician along with my work with photography and my love for garageband was one of the reasons that I switched from PC guru to an Apple Guru.

Recently I bought Logic Pro X, which is the pro version of Garage Band and it soon became apparent that I had very little room left on my old 120GB SSD.

So I bought a Samsung 850 Evo 250GB and it sat on the shelf waiting.

I procrastinated for days because swapping out a hard drive on a Mac Mini is a surgical procedure; akin to a heart transplant. Every screw differs from its neighbours and every piece is precision crafted requiring patience and keen eyesight; so I decided to do this at 2:00AM when I am tired with a dim table light and a towel for the surgical operation. No idea why I suddenly decided to go ahead but it took 3 hours because I had problems with the wifi antennae plate so now have an extra screw.

Now the reason that I’m posting up this SSD upgrade here in the WD Forums is because of the wonderful network of My Clouds that I have in my home and the ease of use that Apple provides with their time machine; it just works. Combined with the WD Cloud, my SSD upgrade was a cinch.

Before my SSD upgrade, I had done my preparations. Creating a USB boot up drive to install El Capitan and creating a time machine backup on My Cloud. The Time Machine backup was just a precaution as I was planning to do a fresh upgrade.

However the time machine backup ended up saving my hide as the USB boot up El Capitan Installation did not work.

After installing the SSD and was unable to install El Capitan from the USB drive, I decided to restore my time machine image to my new hard drive.

To Restore from a Cloud Time Machine Backup

  1. Held down the option key…
  2. and selected restore from backup,
  3. selected my Cloud drive,
  4. selected my backup…
    and 40 minutes later… I had a perfectly working Yosemite system that looked exactly like the system I had before upgrading.

This is the first time I used the time machine of the Cloud to assist my hard drive upgrade and because of the gigabit ethernet, it was faster than a USB 2.0 hard drive that I normally use for backing up.

To Create a Time Machine Backup on a Cloud

  1. go to your dashboard, click settings/general, scroll down to Mac Backups, click on
  2. click on your time machine icon in System Preferences
  3. click on select disk and select your cloud.
  4. click on back up now.

Now there is really no reason not to back up my Mac.

So after the quick 40 minutes restore, I simply hit upgrade and El Capitan was launched and my Mac was upgraded in less than 30 minutes.

Originally, I had a list of software that I had planned to re-install, just like the old days of re-installing Windows taking whole days; but now with my original system restored and upgraded, I found my list useless and in fact nothing to do after the system booted up.

Quite a difference from the Cloud update of which I spent several days troubleshooting why the USB My Book could not be mounted.

I currently hold my OS in a Samsung 840 EVO (120GB) while I keep my data on a 2TB WD RE RAID 1 array. Best of both worlds.

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