The ideal VPN to use for PR4100

Is there a preferred VPN that works well with the PR4100 which is only used for running Plex? I read somewhere on here that the PR4100 is already configured with VPN, is this correct? If so where would I find the settings?

Is setting up a VPN on the device fairly straight forward ?


Any decent VPN’s for this NAS’s ?

You can use Docker (e.g. or use one of the many vpn packages in the Entware repo.

I’ve heard of github as I think Microsoft snapped it up. I have never used that site before. Are things fairly straight forward to setup/install on a PR4100 or do I need some form of programming ability? Also would I be able to use any VPN lets say like Express VPN or is there a set service I’d have to stick with if using docker ?


AFAIK, there’s no preferred method or easy one-click setup available.

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Thank you for that TFL. Much appreciated.

I’ve heard that some of the general list will do. No more information, but my mate uses probably this site for VPN updates.

You may find this of interest. Might work on the PR4100.

I’ve done some basic tests with openvpn (nordvpn and freeopenvpn). It’s already included in the basic OS3 firmware.
You download an ovpn file, create a credentials file and link to those credentials in the ovpn file.
Then start the tunnel with the file.

Ah. I thought this was about a VPN service. Should have read the thread properly. I was on about getting a VPN server operating on the NAS to accept incoming secure connections either through a direct IPSEC/L2TP connection or via a VPN relay. A bit more of a better alternative to WD’s MyCloud. It’s in case someone may need to have access to their home network, but having to dedicate an extra device to be a VPN service.

Yeah you’re right.
But the openvpn binary can be used both in server and in client mode.

It is… It’s just a pain to update if there is a update available. Got to wait for Western Digital to recognise, compile and release a firmware update. Besides, SoftEther is open source and has more features. There is a facility to establish a tunnel via a relay which means there is no requirement to forward any ports on any router. It’s easier to set-up and does seem to be more facilities offered by SoftEther that OpenVpn does not offer.

I am surprised that such a feature VPN server is provided as open source by a University and was born from someone’s master’s degree thesis.

We also use multiple My Cloud Pro Series 32TB PR4100 servers at m office, and it was pretty hard to find a compatible VPN server or even service for it. We found ours at, and I recommend it 10/10. It’s included in the basic OS3 firmware, and all you have to do to install it is just to download an IPvanish file, create the requested credentials file, then link it to those credentials in the file. This VPN accepts incoming secure connections through a direct IPSEC/L2TP connection or a relay. You can also use it both in server and in client mode.