The HUB is now available elsewhere

This may be old news, but I searched the forum to see if anyone else posted… :wink:

The HUB was previously a Best-Buy / WD exclusive.   That arrangement must have expired around the 17th of December.

I was at Fry’s this morning and they had a whole pile on an island shelf (probably 20 - 30 on an island meant to hold about 100 or more…  They must have sold well at Christmas!) .

It’s also available at AMAZON, but MAN is it expensive there.

Price at BestBuy:  $199

Price at Fry’s:  $199

Price at Amazon:  $229

Amazon is bizarrely off-market with that price… 

Anyway, some folks were waiting because they can’t stand Best Buy…  Now you have options.  ;)

So we now know that $29 is the price of “free shipping” and that sales tax thingie. Pretty much a wash. I bought mine locally.

I’ll rant about advertising of “free” things instead of “at no additional charge” at another time & place. :slight_smile:

Yeah but can you take your hub down to Amazon and exchange it the same day?