The HUB don't see any usb device

Today i connect my hard disk to the hub and nothing…i try a pendrive that usually works…nothing! both usb die. what can i do???

P.S.: the pen works.

Make sure to try all of the ports on the Hub.

Try resetting the Hub to make sure you clear any configuration issues.

Fixed: tested all my three usb devices  in windows: apparently there are no errors but after checking everything works, All device with some problem:dizzy_face: ? Important is that now the HUB works well:smiley:

Important is to properly safely eject your USB devices from the Hub!

OK, thanks. Where is "safely eject " in the options?


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As you can see it on the image JoeySmyth posted there’s an eject button on the remote.

You can get familiar with the WD TV Live Hub and remote option with the user manual.

Get it on the link bellow:

Thank you! Usually i read all in the manual when i buy an istrument, but can happen to forget something…