The G Drive can not be access

Help. I have a 4T G-Drive in USB 3.0 connection. Recently it can not be mounted into the mac. When apply the “Disk Utilities” for checking, it does not help.

Any professional know how to solve this case?

If the drive is not being recognized even in Disk Utility then it points towards a hardware issue with the drive. It could be related to power. Verify your power adapter output is 12v 2a.

You can also call in to our support for more assistance if you need it.

Hi Rydia,
Thank you for your message.
Finally, I find that it is due to the upgrade of the OS. The new macOS High Sierra adopt the new file system which will also convert the file format of the external drive.

After connected the G-drive & my mac for almost a day, the drive return to normal.

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