The experience of using the router D-LINK DIR-300

I want to buy D-LINK DIR-300:
I need to connect one PC and SMP, with access to the Internet.
If anyone has the the same router.
I am interested in its compatibility with the SMP.
The actual speed Internet access.
The actual speed between PC and SMP.

For reference you can check the link below for some compatible routers.

I read this list. In my country almost impossible to buy anything from this list.
That’s why I asked this question.

I had that model & it worked fine. As for speeds, that’s wholly dependant on location. Each situation is different & unique to your property

I have a player and PC in the same room (about ten feet of each other). So I decided to buy a router with no WI FI.

D-link DIR-100
I copied a file from a SMP’s USB drive in my PC. It seems everything is OK .
I attached this image


I can chime in a little…I have a DIR655. It has worked with 3 generations of Live devices now. The only issue I encountered was the DNS passthrough checkbox. You might need to manually enter in a DNS server on the WD TV Live if you are using the DNS relay option.

Internet port of the router is connected to DHCP.
DNS relay is enabled. DNS-server on the WD TV Live is determined automatically. So far everything is working fine.
Nevertheless, I was impressed with a long service life D-Link.