The drive isn't in my private network [solved]

My private network is a classic but the drive isn’t there, after some investigations (because I’m trying things with the SDK from dev site), I’ve discovered that the drive gets somekind of public IP from my internet provider (not the same as mine, my public IP starts with 91 and the drive one starts with 149) after some easy who search, i discoveret that the IP is assigned to my internet provider.

I know that it isn’t usal, because I made a typo when trying to add the drive to my account and now appears the drive from someone else, and its IP is a 192.168.x.x so…

And then, I supose that this is the cause that I can’t upload my APKs with the from dev site.

Thank you

Ok, it seems that the router have a britged port, so eth 4 is brudged directly to a diferent IP.

Thank you