The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. HELP PLEASE


I have a 500GB WD My Passport Elite and I have it password protected. I always eject the Disk before unplugging it but I accidentally seem to unplug it before the Eject process was completed so it showed the error message, but It was working well until 2 hours ago when it started showing up this message “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”.

It recognizes the hard drive but it doesn’t read it. If I click ignore nothing happens, I can open the WD SmartWare Icon that appears in the desktop but when I click the “Drive Unlock App” a pop-up message shows saying “Unknown Security State: 7”. 

If I try to eject the disk from that point a pop-up message shows “The Disk “WD SmartWare” couldn’t be ejected because “DriveUnlock” is using it. Quit that application an try to eject the disk again.”

If I choose to open the “Disk Utility” application instead of ignoring the first pop-up window I can’t repair or verify the disk, but all the information shown in that window is correct.

Please I really need help with this issue as soon as possible. All my information (personal and work) is contained in this disk. I can’t afford to loose that.

Thank you very much.

Seems to me like faulty file system, you will need to format your drive to make it operational again. Keep in mind formatting the drive will delete all the data on it.

Dude accidentally unplugging can corrupt the entire partition

I had this problem a couple of weeks a go and I was able to fix the partition using TestDisk.