The Disappearing Files

A neighbour who owns a WDTV SMP is ‘losing’ some files from his attached WD portable drive.  The other day he loaded 2 series of a TV show onto his new WD 1TB drive.  He watched the intro of Episode 1 of Series 1.  It was all working fine.

The next day he went to play the same show  (S1E01) all the way through and not had only that file disappeared, but the complete two series of files had disappeared from the drive. Other files can disappear the same way.  Usually they are shows we have recently transferred across from PC to WDTV via his wireless network.

I update his files weekly for him and I usually notice an episode or two has ‘disappeared’ from the previous update.

So far to try to solve the program we have backdated the firmware to 1.16.13, replaced the external hard drive with a new WD 1TB drive, and now we use the front usb connection.

His remote is playing up as well so I have even given him my remote to use instead!  I was wondering if the old remote was inadvertently deleting files but usually you get a Yes/No confirmation before a file is deleted!

Any other thoughts on how the problem can be solved is extremely welcome.

no clue what is causing the issue, but you could mark the whole drive read only

but on second thought this probably will not work, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try

I will try another step back in the firmware and try installing 1.15.10. It may have to wait a day or two until we both are home at the same time and not busy.  He plays a fair bit of golf you see!

delete the .wd_tv  folder on the drive before sending the new files  across.

caldirun wrote:

delete the .wd_tv  folder on the drive before sending the new files  across.

Will give that one a try next time.  I am away for a few weeks so I can’t follow up immediately.  I have found a temporary fix and that is to transfer all new files via PC USB rather than by the wireless Network.

His WDTV SMP is turned off at the wall plug overnight.  The last couple of time when we have physically removed the portable HD from the fully switched off WDTV SMP to transfer files the PC has requested the portable drive be scanned for errors.  On the first occasion after the scan had been completed and any repairs had been made we found a whole missing series in a “Found” folder.  Today it said there were again errors but there wasn’t a “Found” folder.

ALL the files I transferred yesterday via PC USB were still there this morning, nothing had gone missing.

actually that makes sense now

if he’s killing the power without properly ejecting the drive first, that can definetely cause file corruption and loss