"The device could not connect to the network"

Hello! I’m new to this world so please bear with me.

I recently bought a new My Passport external HD, 500 GB. I asked support to help me format it to FAT32 because the DVD player I used to play it will only take a FAT32 file system. It worked.

Today, I bought a used WD Live TV Media Player so I can also watch the movies I loaded into my external HD on my analogue TV we have in our bedroom. I tried to hook it up first to my big screen in my basement via HDMI thru my home theatre system but when I went to Video->Media Servers->then pressed enter on the remote, it gave me the message on the subject line. I tried unplugging it & rebooting the player but to no avail. I know this player has network connection capabilities but for now all I want is to hookup my external HD to it & get it to play movies that are in it.

I am afraid that I may be able to get support to help me on this because I just bought it off someone & I am not the original buyer so I am turning to you guys for help. May I also add that I tried resetting to factory default settings.

Thank you for any help.

You did not mention how the unit is connected to the router

check the connections if wired

if wireless, make sure the adapter ( if older WD TV ) is setup properly