The device can't seem to find the shared folders

I’m new to this device but it seemed to work fine until recently. Now when I try to watch stuff from a shared folder on my laptop the device doesn’t seem to be able to find it. When I choose “Video->Select Content Source->Network  Share->Windows Shares” the orange arrow keeps spinning and it doesn’t find ony of the computers like it used to. I have three laptops two of which have Windows XP and one has Windows 7 and all of them used to be visible in the device. The laptops can still see each others shared folders. The device seems to still be able to see the Windows 7 machine as a media server. The network connection also seems to be fine in the device. I can’t really think of anything that has changed between the time when it worked and the time it didn’t. Restoring factory settings didn’t help the issue. Neither did disabling firewalls on the laptops. The device is on the newest firmware. Any help appreciated.

Are all your devices in the workgroup name “WORKGROUP?”

Thanks, that helped. I used to have everything in workgroup “MSHOME”. Obviously it changed back to “WORKGROUP” once I restored to default settings but why it stopped working in the first place is a mystery. No matter though, thanks again.

The default for the WD is “WORKGROUP.”

I guess it depends on what might have been there BEFORE you did the restore.  Did you happen to notice?