The created date and modified date on folder and files are changed when are copied from Mac to My Cloud

I hope somebody help me with this, I’m trying to do my backup to My Cloud but when the files are copied these change on created and modified dates. I just copy the files with the finder using a share, when the copy process ends you can see the finder and the folders and the files are with the same properties, dates are right, but, I’m no sure when happen the change, if when shutdown My Cloud or/and when waiting a day before of the copy and turn on again. But the point is that the dates are changed, sometimes with date on 2012 another with 2 days after or before that the original date, but when the dates changes, both, created and modified has the same.

I test copying with AFP and CIFS and the problem continue.
I test copying with USB HD Attached and the problem continue.
I test copying from PC to My Cloud and the problem seem don’t exist, no yet.
I test copying from Mac to USB Drive (memory) and the problem seen don’t exist.

I think the only constant is mac and My Cloud.

Does someone have a clue?? Any help?? something! please

I use mac mostly times, there are any problems between mac (OSX) and My Cloud??

I’m using OSX 10.11.4 El Capitan
The test in windows was made in Windows 10.

I appreciate so much your help!!!

Hello, I have never seen this, however I would like to ask if the same happens when you copy from the Windows 10 computer? Another question is, are you running Windows 10 within bootcamp?

Hi, thanks for answer me. Answering your questions when I use Windows 10 the dates don’t changes. And the windows 10 is running in a PC, it’s not with bootcamp.

Yes there are certain problems with the Mac, specifically El Capitan which you indicate you are using, and the My Cloud. There is a huge thread on El Capitan and the issues its having with the My Cloud at the following link.

Do a forum search for “el capitan” and you’ll find numerous other threads where El Capitan users are having various issues with the My Cloud. It is entirely possible the reason why Windows 10 doesn’t exhibit the issue is Windows 10 is probably using Samba (SMB) where the Mac is using AFP when transferring files to/from the My Cloud.