The Continuous Blinking Green Light

Hi - Please go easy on me…

I have a 2TB MBL - and it’s been working brilliantly. 

Over night we uploaded 30gb of images to the drive (Public>Images) from a Macbook Pro - since then the green light has been flashing away like it has a nervous twitch. Although we can still access our media content on the drive whilst this is going on, have I somehow managed to break it without realising? When I try and delete the images from the MBL it can’t complete the action as the images ‘are in use’.

Sorry for being a know-nothing.


Hello mate, blinking light means that the My Book is in use, static light means the opposite. If the images in the My Book  loaded in another program that might be causing the problem. Try to close any open application and then try to delete one of the pictures, or just to do a test copy any random text/mp3 file into the My Book and then try to delete it.

You may also restart all computers in your network, then retry to erase the pictures.