The Black2 dual mistery

Hello everybody,
I recently bought a Black2 dual drive that I successfully installed in my laptop. Both SSD and HDD disk worked fine for a few days, but lately I started to notice some noise after the phisical disk spins up. It sounds like the magnetic heads are dealing with some bad sectors. I ran WD check utility’s extended scan and I get the “Too many bad sectors” error. So I gave the disk a chkdsk to try to rescue the situation but - surprise, surprise - the results came back blank: everything ok. I gave WD windows check utility another run and I get the same “too many bad sectors” error. I ran some other disk bad sectors check utilites and they still come back blank: HDD seems not even spinning up during the test run. Am I missing something here?
Thank in advance for every answer.

I don’t know what is causing the noise, however you should know that many many drive utility tools may not correctly deal with the Black2 and this may also include the WD utility.

The problem is that most tools are only equipped to handle a single drive on one SATA port, however, the Black2 is actually 2 drives on one SATA port.  Many utilities will see the drive as a single drive instead of what it actually is, a SDD drive and HDD drive.  This may be why you are getting the “Too many bad sectors” message due to the fact that the WD utility is checking across the SDD & HDD and treating it as one drive.

I did a scan with WD DLD DOS tool - the only one listed in Black2 Dual support site - and the resoults came back clean. Still, under Windows 8, the disk keeps doing noises: it seems like it spins down every half second, parks magnetic heads and then spins up again. Meanwhile every process depending from the HDD to run freezes. The situation it’s starting to get frustrating, also because I’m dealing with a 350 dollar disk… I cancelled brands from my shopping list for less (AMD never found its way back from the day i bought the tragic K6 2 CPU). Any idea on how can I finally have a normally functioning HDD?

I am having issues with a dual drive I got mid week.  Installation on day one was rough and by the end, the drive was failing the WD tool (after a 9 + hour test) with a result of too many bad sectors and that the disk was bad.  Ok, so I contact WD first and they tell me to run the test.  I do so and feed them back the results and they go radio silent.  I wait 2 days and then contact them again and still get radio silence.  Also the registration site does not seem to register the drive - at least I get no fedback that the action is complete.  The drive issue, the registeration issue and the radio silence from WD is really pissing me off.  And I also have struck vendors from my buy list for much, much less.

I have the very similar symptom. And I don’t really like it…

We recently released a firmware update for the WD Black2 drive. This should help with some systems that had a power management and also fixed some of the spin up/spin down issues that users have encountered. The firmware update has to be done in DOS but instructions are included in the download on how to create bootable media and update the firmware.

I’m having problems where my machine just stops responding.  All MS-Office applications just go into the blue spin of death.  FireFox changes to “not responding”.  It never comes back.  I have to hard-power off the machine and reboot.  Help please?

I had the problem too. During low intensity FPS game, it freezes for 2 seconds like every 5 seconds and was terrible, but the update software completel solved the issue.

Being the kind of person I am, I would really like to know just what went wrong, like what is causing the freezes and what did the update do to solve problem. I like to understand how things work