"The application had encountered an unexpected error and in now exiting"

I can not run Western Digtial software on my computer. It shows in disk managment, but when I try to plug in the disk, autorun start. When I push the SmartWare.exe icon, following message pops up:“The application had encountered an unexpected error and in now exiting”. I tried the external drive on another computer simmilar to mine(acer with vista) and there it’s no problem. Do anybody have any idea why this occur?

Hi there, what if you disconnect the drive and try to install the software directly from here?

If it doesn’t install then you know there’s something on your computer killing it and I’d clean it before trying again if I were you…

What do you have for antivirus and scurity software? They can be trouble at times.


I’m having same issue. I think the answer, for me at least, is in the Smartware Software page: "

WD SmartWare 1.4 will only work with Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework. WD SmartWare 1.4 will not work with Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.x or version 4.x."

I went to Control Panel, Programs, and checked my installed programs and updates. I have MS.Net Framework 4 so it appears Smartware won’t work for me. Now I have to figure out how to at least use the drive without the software as my computer won’t see the drive and won’t let me initilize. I think quicker answer is just go to the store and return. I don’t have any issues with any of my other external drives or included software.