The App icon of the my cloud drive is gray with an ? poin inside

Hi there.

Need help solving this issue.

I have the 3Tb cloud working fine and at the start on the app on my iphone, the icon was shown as expected, with the product image.

Now and I dont know why, appears with a gray and ? point inside…

This is making me go crazy…

thanks a lot

A prior post I made should answer this for you! Mysterious question mark

You can use the search icon, top right next to menu icon and your user icon to possibly find answers to your questions.

Already try that but with no success…


I’ve just bought a 2TB My Cloud and having this issue on both my iOS devices (iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2).

If I follow the help offered and delete/re-install the App then it’s fixed (device shown is the one I own) until I reboot either device, then it re-appears as a question mark.

Is there any other fixes out there? It’s worrying that my new NAS is doing this… not really something I want to trust with my data if I’m being honest.

Regards, J_K