That's an IDEA floating on my mind right now

Buy some years ago an external hard drive 2TB in Chile. A year after use stopped working . Just make noises and did not recognize any computer. I tried to recover with several softwares and nothing. Already have perhaps been two years since he stopped working and even today still very angry about the situation.

I bought it to store the contents of hundreds of dvds with pictures of my family, I recorded songs , videos I made , my whole life memories was within that disk and of course, these DVDS went away . If you would like to retrieve that data , even possibly not succeeding , would have to pay a lot more money than I paid for the HD. I have read many people with the same problem.

Sure years later there is no guarantee that returns me all these data and the money I paid.

The only memory I have now is the disappointment of losing all that, and my only idea for this community is express that, because surely someone else shares with me.

Sorry, English is not my main language. 

Hi there and welcome to the WD community

I am really sorry to hear that you have experienced this, it is not common that this happens. While i do understand this is very upsetting when it happens, please note that there are many variables that can result in a failed drive, such as power outages, accidental physical damage, internal component failure, and computer viruses, just to name a few.