TEW-649UB and Corsair USB

Hi all,

I have bought a Mini Wireless N Speed USB Adapter TEW-649UB and it was working just fine.

Today I have turned on the WD TV Live Hub and the TEW-649UB don’t get detected any more, the included blue led on the TEW-649UB don’t blink any more.

I have run a tested with my Corsair USB Pen Driver, the WD TV Live Hub recognizes the USB it starts syncing and the blue led from the Corsair USB Pen Driver starts blinking.

The WD TV Live Hub give me information about new files found but I´m not able to see the USB folders and I don’t get access to the USB root.

I have tested the TEW-649UB and Corsair USB Pen Driver on two Desk Computers one Laptop and one table PC, and they are working just perfect.

I also have reseted the WD TV Live Hub to factory defaults but still the TEW-649UB and Corsair USB don’t work. I have the firmware version 2.08.13.

Any idea how can I solve this?

You need to change the CONTENT SOURCE to the USB drive.

Thanks TonyPh12345,

The USB files problem is solved :slight_smile:

Now I need to know why the TEW-649UB still don’t get detected by the WD TV Live Hub. On the computer it work just fine.

Don’t know why but the TEW-649UB just started to work again.

Good for me :slight_smile: