Testing external Drive as internal drive in PC

I have two same external disks WD Caviar Green 1.0 TB (WD 10EARX). Since some time ago my computer doesn’t recognize one of them any more, that is, it doesn’t register the egzistence of the disk connected to the USB port. I have changed the power cable and the USB cable from the disk which operates, but there is no change.The LED on the case blinks all the time, and the disk rotates. I have taken out the disk from the plastic case and disconnected the pc board with the USB connector and power supply, so that only the disk has remained. I wonder if I can connect such a disk as the second disk to my PC, because I would like to copy the data at least. I am not sure if the connectors on the disk mathed the PC bus in my computer.


Since the warranty on the unit is voided, you don’t have nothing to loose on this case.

Try connecting the drive internally and check how is the drive showing under disk management.