Tested: Hub Now supports Bluray-Audio ISO's, fully uncompressed and original audio track

Hey all,

been a long time since I last came to this forum. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Live Hub will play BR-Audio disc (a relatively new format) images. I ripped my disc using AnyDVD on my Bluray-drive equipped PC and the nearly 50GB of data was converted to an ISO in less than 30 minutes (about 25 to be exact). I’ve only tested it as a full-quality uncompressed ISO without removing any region locking or any of that stuff and it plays back uncompressed PCM 5.1 audio, exactly the same to my ears and testing equipment as from playing the actual BR-Audio disc off my bluray player. Of course you need an HDMI cable hooked up from the Hub to an A/V Receiver that supports high-resolution audio formats.

Bluray Audio is a new format, similar to the now almost extinct SACD and DVD-Audio formats (RIP) of yesteryear. This being the case, there is no video component, so you get only a black screen once you pop in the disc on your bluray player of choice or play the ISO on the Hub, but you are able to bathe in beautiful, ultra-high quality audio. There are still tracks that you can skip between and fast forwarding also works.

I just wanted to let people know this fact because I hadn’t seen any information relating to this anywhere else on this or any other forums.

Keep it cool and let me know if you try this and how it works out.

Bluray-Audio? Really, haven’t hear about it before, the sound quality must be crazy.

Welcome BR-audio Isos.

Will be possible to play a SACD?

Does the WD TV Live Hub reproduce it from Isos?

I have many SACD that I would like to store in my hub to play it.