Test Fails and Slow

Hi everyone. 

I have the my passport essential 465gb, with my Windows 7 Firmware revision 1.032. 

My drive was purchased only few months ago, however I am having some issues. 

First of all, my drive is SUPER SLOW. When I try to put videos or backup files into the drive, it moves IN to the drive very slowly. When I open files it OPENs slowly, and when I click different folders it takes few LONG seconds for it to open the folders. Something I have not experienced with other external drives. I lived with it for a couple of months, but recently it’s been getting worse. 

So I backed everything out of my WD, and reformatted everything. Installed the software, and tried the three tests. 

Quick SMART, Quick DRIVE, Complete Drive tests. 

I failed all. 

What does this mean? Is there a way I can get another drive under warranty? My last WD drive died on me, and I lost all my files, pictures, etc. This is my second WD, and it hasn’t been a year and it is making me nervous. I need some help.

Thank you.


It means that the drive is on a critical point close to failing, if I were you I’d take out my data off the unit ASAP.

You can check the warranty of your unit on this link: http://websupport.wdc.com/warranty/serialinput.asp?aspsid=549970946&custtype=end&requesttype=warranty&lang=en

If it is under warranty it will give you the option to replace it.

I hope it helps!