Test Error Code: 19-Quick Test::SMART Enable Operation error!

Test Error Code: 19-Quick Test::SMART Enable Operation error!

Hi, I get this error message when running Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics - WinDlg (DLGDIAG for Windows) version on a WDC WD2000JB-00GVAO (IDE) drive. This is my system drive partitioned in a C: and D: drive.

I have googled the error message and get nothing.

I have also been getting Event 51 errors lately on the D: portion:

“An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation.”

When I run version of Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics - WinDlg (DLGDIAG for Windows) on the same drive, it passes.

I’m hoping beyond hope that someone might be able to shed some light on what I am up against.


I don’t know what the frick the frumpy face is supposed to represent in my original post, but it was not my doing.

It was supposed to read as it is in the subject line. Obviously a colon followed by an ess produces this abomination.

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If you are unable to complete a DLG test, try using Windows build in tool. Check the link below for the steps. 


Thanks, Ichigo… the link you gave me refers to chkdsk, I believe. I have already run that with /r switch. I also ran sfc/scannow and I was prompted for the XP disk, so perhaps some system files were corrupted. I will just have to wait to see if the problems with the Event 51 errors continue.

I still get the “Test Error Code: 19-Quick Test:: SMART Enable Operation error!” error message when trying to test this disk with version 1.25 of WinDlg.exe but version 1.24 completes the test wiuth a passin grade as does the latest DOS version of DLG.

I also learned that MS considers that Event 51 errors can be benign and, in fact, I am not experiencing and glitches apart from an event 55 yesterday - “The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume C:” When I discovered it I ran the chkdsk and sfc/scannow. Hopefully, all is well. Time will tell.



I need a good answer to this question also.

have a drive WD6400AAKS  exhibiting greatly reduced function, no malware, no system issues, no reason.  Run the WD tool and both Quick and Extended tests return this error immediately.

the general SMART condition shows Green - Passed [I assume it is reading the last state entered into firmware cache on the drive with no reference to timestamp]

use hard disk sentinel and see the results