Terrified I'm going to lose Data on Partitioned Drive

Sorry for the stupidity and lack of comprehension regarding this in advance, but basically I had partitioned my WD My Passport 2 TB into 4 separate partitions. Two were formatted in HFS+ or OSx Extended Journal or something like that for my computer(s) which are an older macbook and a newer macbook pro 2014, and the other two drives were initially formatted to ex-fat to make it compatible with my old Dell PC which I wanted to back-up and one for my father’s Dell PC that he still uses. Somehow down the line with the Dell PC mine I mean when I did the back-up it got formatted to NFTS which I understand is the Windows Partition which is fine. But the problem then lay with the fourth partition which I used now and re-erased and renamed with Disc Utility on my macbook pro to Dad’s HD which was stupid and pointless as I realized cause when I launched disc management in windows 10, I couldn’t tell which disc and partition was which for any partitions.

Some were saying unallocated which could have been my Mac’s data I thought, one was saying NFTS which I almost wrote and used but luckily got scared and re-thought about it and looked and that’s when I noticed the older Dell partition was changed from ex-fat to NFTS. So I guess my question nd now imminent concern again now that his computer is facing issues (Again! and someone’s son forgot to back-up the HD disc and the PC isn’t booting up so I may get my butt kicked. But didn’t really forget but had more important things to do at the time- than think and figure out something that I literally spent hours on and couldn’t figure out already- either cause I can’t read and easily discern what each disc and partition and space on the HD with the windows 10 tool is and the WD tools were no help to that end either, and it is inclined to requisition the already NFTS format for some odd reason… sarcasm.

But it was formatted to ex-fat originally as well and I figured it might be the unallocated drive… but the problem was why were there so many that were saying unallocated instead of saying HFS or OSx, ex-fat, NFTS, etc… And I wondered why would it all of it except the one NFTS one come as unallocated when formatted in disc utility on mac but in ex-fat or the OS extended journaling thing. And just seriously why were there more than one unallocated memory banks/drives/discs or whatever. Sorry this is seriously frying my brain and I know the MS store people are going to destroy the whole hard drive’s data back-ups and caches just to back up the computer which is dying… but which have years of stuff and back-ups just to back-up a crappy with very little data on it whereas I’m booting things off the hard drive cause I’m running out of space on all computers except my decade and change Dell. And yes I tried to buy him his own after I technically commandeered his Hard Drive originally, which to be fair and honest, he didn’t need but was talked into by Best Buy D-bags. Though now I might be a horrible person on top of being stupid cause his computer up and died after downloading some stuff from a SD card to his pc for him.

Please help explain this to me and how do I format the right partition on windows after setting it up with disc utility without selecting the wrong one for certain. Is there any way? sorry this question got so long but I don’t know why I can’t figure this out and just feel really stupid because of it and baffled as well at why it’s so much harder on the windows 10 disc management thing in real life when on WD’s support page it seems like cake.