Terrible OS5 iOS app for My Cloud compared to OS3!

The previous iOS app for My Cloud OS3 works so much faster than the new OS5. Period.

I tried accessing using the iOS app AFTER all the stupid INDEXING work. Every down folder access takes between 5 to 12 secs to load. Every one of the folders. Granted it caches the access but only while the app is still running. It will go back to re-loading the folders when you restart the app. OS3 app doesn’t behave like that. And I am using my own local WI-FI at home and still this kind of performance.

WD really disappoints us. Forcing us to upgrade to OS5 and this is what we get. Lousy performance and terrible indexing experience. I really wonder what they are INDEXING ALL THE TIME.

You are not the only one.

Latest update:

I have contacted WD support for help and the problem was solved. OS5 was not as bad as it first appeared. My problem was solved after I did what they called a “40 secs reset”. The device needed to be re-indexed, which was really a pain but access speed was restored.

My only concern with the OS5 upgrade : WD Sync was no longer supported. I got Syncthing installed and now it was able to sync between my workstation and mycloud.