Terrible device

I have the hub for 3 months now, and I wished I had never bought this device.

It is slow, slow, slow. When I power up the device to look or listing to something the device compiles the database for a long, long time and you can’t play anything. Also had to restart the device several times because the device says I can’t play the video files that played fine the day before. After the restart they will play ok for a while but after some days you have to restart again.

I bought this device to replace a Conceptronic CFULLHDMA but I think I will restore my Conceptronic and throw this device in the bin.

…or at least, not terrible.  :)

I’ve had the Hub since release.

It starts up pretty much instantly from standby, which it needs to be in to function as a NAS (which, although slow, is very handy for moving over content during downtime).

Content that plays one day still plays the next.  I can  play all my HD MKV, MP4 and M4V files, as well as AVIs.  Netflix 3.0 works great and streams HD movies with 5.1 DD+ without issue.

It sits in standby for days and rarely, if ever, requires restarting.

The firmware isn’t perfect but my day to day experience is mostly positive.

I wish it had proper support for SSA subs and DTS-HD (2 things that will never happen) but they’re not deal breakers.

The database compiling on startup is annoying and should be an optional setting.  Doing it every time is undeniably stupid, especially when it interrupts playback.

But it doesn’t, IMHO, make the device terrible.

If you’re not satisfied with the Conceptronic and continue your search for a better player, let us know what you end up with. :slight_smile:

Hmmm.  I seldom wait until the Media Library was done compiling before starting to watch something…   and I’ve not noticed a problem doing that…

On average, I’m rebooting maybe once a week, but that’s because I’ve added something and need to re-build the library, not because it’s crashed…  

It’s crashed on me maybe twice in the last month.

I exaggerate a little bit, but the device is still compiling (100 minutes) and I can’t use the device.

I want to show my holliday foto’s to my visitors and can not do that, thats very annoying.

If I go to photo it takes a long time and then get the message no files in the current folder.


I copied everything to the hub and only use the network fro transferring files, never streaming.  I know people with large video collections, etc. can’t do this, but my hub never ever compiles.  it’s ready instantly, it never requires a restart, and it never crashes.  all my files are there all the time, and files transferred when the hub is in standby are always there the next time i bring it out of standby.  basically it works pretty much perfectly. plus the hub now acts as the file server and i can pull music, pictures etc. from it onto my pcs whenver i want, which works great.  i tried the streaming/syncing originally and i thought it was a joke.  i think if you copy everything to the hub and give up syncing with a server you’re going to be a lot happier. 

Everything is on the hub similair to your situation and sync is off.

When I went to work this morning the device was still compiling (almost 10 hours now).

sounds like you have a problem with yours.  even after i transfer new files to my hub it doesn’t compile when i bring it out of standby.  it did recompile after i went in on my pc and changed a bunch of file names, but that only took about a minute.

No; you already have a thread started for that issue, don’t hijack someone else’s thread.