Terrible 2tb Green EARS Transfer Rates - another thread

Hi guys

Need some advice if somebody can help

Recently bought the above hard drive to throw into an Ubuntu Server 10.04 set up. The drive is purely used for storage. No OS installed at all.

The motherboard is old an Asus A78nx Deluxe so can only do 150mb Sata Speeds

Now the problem - Didnt know about the problems with these drives before installing so I think I just installed the HDD without any jumpers in the beginning - cant honestly remember but anyway noticed that my write speed are only around 1Mb /sec which seems very slow.

Have since read up a bit and tried all sorts - realigning the partitions using gparted and other stuff to get the sectors alligned - whatever I do it doesnt seem to be working and tranfers are the same. Tried removing partitions and creating again and formatting in ext4 but still problems remain.

Think I used http://b1mmer.com/linux/wdhdd/ at some point t

Is there anything I can do definitivley to reset the drive and start again with the jumper in the corret position so hopefully the speed will go up

Completely stuck

Thanks for any advice

Try setting the ADF jumper and than zeroing out the drive. Reformat and test. If issue is resolved leave it, otherwise remove the jumper, zero it out again and try again. Remeber it’s a green drive and shouldn’t be used for OS installation if you want something fast use an RE drive, Raptor, or Caviar Black.

Thanks for the reply

So just to check jumper pin 7 and 8 and then use something like Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS to zero the drive

Then reinstall the hard drive with the jumper set to jumpers 5 and 6 as per


Should I do any seeting of the sectors to start at 64 or the like when reinstalling ?? or just leave Ubuntu handle all of that

Thanks again

Just a bump really

Still havent carried out the above just want confirmation if anybody would be kind enough

I have the same drive as you, and I’m using a a8s-x asus motherboard, I have the 2tb for storage and a 250gb 7200rpm for os, and I don’t get faster speeds than you. It’s really annoying considering I had to transfer 100+gb and it took almost 24 hours.